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EscherTec AG, founded in 1999, is a Swiss engineering consulting company with a wide industrial experience. The know-how ranges from mechanical engineering, process management, development support to system integration. EscherTec offers customized solutions in hardware, software and system integration in the field of performance monitoring & diagnostics.

We concentrate your data for better decision making.

By combining products available in the market with our in-house developed products we deliver customised solutions adapted to the client’s needs.

EscherTec is providing its solutions to customers in the field of oil&gas, power generation and general industry.

Our Services

Our group provides services in the field of process data and engine health management:

M2M – Solutions

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) refers to technologies for automated exchange of information between machines and other devices, centralised servers or clouds.

Our group provides specified M2M Solutions integrating following steps:

  • Evaluation of process data
  • Specification of fit-for-purpose M2M solution
  • Implementation of data logger with integrated SIM chip
  • Data transport and storage (cloud server)
  • Data visualisation and analysis
  • Remote services (build-up of remote service business)


System Development

Our group can provide customer specified development of smart monitoring and diagnostic systems with the following steps:

  • Identify current processes
  • Evaluate process data and specify KPI (key performance indicators) values
  • Setup of model for KPI calculation
  • Build-up and implementation of software and data management

On request help can be provided for benchmarking of monitoring systems, evaluation of smart engine monitoring, fleet management and remote service business.

Event-Based Diagnostics

Event-based technical assessment reports for turbomachinery are performed by in-house technology experts and associated partner competences for the root-cause analysis. The reports give a independent technical opinion and recommendation for corrective actions.

Diagnostic reporting is performed by technology experts by analysing measured data and calculated health indices. This to support operators in their decision to determine optimal maintenance practices to achieve and maintain peak performance of the engine or plant. Periodic reports for customers are provided e.g. on a monthly basis.


Delphys is an in-house developed smart monitoring and diagnostics system. Real-time access to data and intelligence is driven by the continuous and cyclical flow of information and actions between the physical and digital worlds.


Delphys enhances the existing monitoring systems in order to:

  • Optimise engine and plant performance and efficiency
  • Increase reliability and availability
  • Avoid unscheduled engine stops
  • Save maintenance cost

Delphys provides operators with improved operational visibility for better decision support such as:

  • Detection of single and multiple deterioration mechanisms
  • Identification of faulty instrumentation

KPI Cockpit

Key performance indicators (KPI) are a transparent view of performance data for analysis in a global view to support decision making. KPI are typically a compression of measured data. In case of set trigger levels the performance deterioration is visualised with a simple traffic light system.

The KPI cockpit tool is an in-house developed add-on of Delphys. In addition it can be applied as a standalone Webfront-Database solution. In any case the KPI cockpit is a beneficial decision making basis for process improvements.

Gas Path Analysis

Core technology of Delphys is Gas Path Analysis (GPA). GPA is a mature technology for aero engines and is now made ready-to-use for stationary gas turbines and other turbomachinery. GPA is a mathematical sensitivity analysis of the component maps that works based on a physical model of the gas turbine engine and actual measured values. The physical model of the gas turbine is equipped with component maps and is able to represent the engine in any operating point and under any ambient conditions.

A major advantage of GPA is the calculation of deteriorated maps.


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